#15: How Travel Becomes Memory

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In this episode I will talk about my recent trip to Iceland, a trip to Costa Rica I took last year, and explain how you can use travel to build your memory palaces. It’s the beginning of the summer, and … Continued

#14: Memory Palace for CAH

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How to memorize Congenital Adrenal Hyperplasia.  The bonus PDF walks you through how to build a memory palace, with slides for concepts, tips, and practice questions.  Get the PDF by entering your info below. Email Address  First Name You may not … Continued

#13: What if I Fall Behind?

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A plan of action for if you fall behind during medical school.  As a bonus, get the PDF of a catch up guide that you can print out and keep as a reference, by entering your info below. Email Address*  … Continued

#9: Surviving Anatomy

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In this episode I will give you suggestions for learning anatomy and post an “Anatomy Tip Sheet” with the best resources I’ve found for surviving anatomy.  At the end I’ll answer a listener question about balancing lecture notes vs cadaver … Continued

#6: Prioritizing Concepts

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In this episode I’ll share a story from the ICU, and a lesson that it reminded me of, about concepts and memorization.  I hope you can take this lesson, incorporate it into your study strategy, and use it to reduce … Continued

#5: Using Anki

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I got a couple of questions this week about the flash card program Anki, and so I decided to do a podcast dedicated specifically to that topic. If you have a topic you’d like me to discuss, email me at … Continued

#4: What if I Forget Everything?

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In this episode I will address the question “What if I forget everything?”  At the end you will be able to download “8 Tips for Long Term Memory” which you can use as a to-do list to optimize your memorization … Continued

KevinMD.com guest blog post

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If you haven’t discovered KevinMD.com yet, it’s a great place to read articles by students, residents, and physicians.  I did a guest blog post about something I learned during medical school, and the post is getting lots of interesting comments, … Continued

#1: How Much Should I Be Studying?

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In this episode you will hear what to expect from this podcast when you subscribe, and learn the answer to the question “How much should I be studying?” In terms of what to expect, I have two promises to make. … Continued